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Posted: Monday, May 16th 2011

Through my years of internet use, somewhere along the way I became a horder of tabs it would seem. A normal thing I would do is start on a subject or problem I'm working on, like a particular CSS technique and end up with many tabs, usually full of good stuff. For whatever reason chances are I'd not get round to reading them all, but keep the tabs open anyway with the intention of coming back to them.

Whilst bearable in Firefox < 4, 4 really doesn't like it, taking up huge amounts of RAM. As a solution I've gone through tagging like crazy, I never really jived with bookmarks, they always seem to get unweildy, but with 4 everything bookmark-ish seems greatly improved with tags (which quite possibly were in 3.6, the RAM gluttony has prompted this!).

So now I've got some nicely categorised things saved for later should I ever come back to them, with tags such as "designs I like" and "read later".

There are however other solutions out there such as the Too many tabs plugin, the idea of tagging however seems more appealing :)


A proper dev post is coming soon!! Promise innit.