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Posted: Saturday, August 6th 2011

First up is a pretty cool showcase of what you can acheieve from a typography point of view with web fonts, called Lost Worlds Fairs, which take place on the Moon and at Atlantis (latter being my favourite!).

Next up is the very cool iScroll project. I've just used this on some client work, and whilst it does seem to be a little quirky in some cases, it tends to behave more often than not on mobile devices though.

So what does it solve? On certain mobile devices like an iPhone or iPad, if you've got an area which has CSS overflow: scroll or auto applied, on a desktop browser you would get scrollbars, but on these devices you get …nothing.

What end users might not know is that you can still scroll these areas using two fingers, but this isn't very clear, and can result in a frustrating experience. Enter iScroll which simply adds scrollbars to these areas (and more)! You will need to target these areas and add iScroll, it doesn't magically detect them, but offers up a solution for something Apple didn't particularly want to tackle.

Posted: Monday, May 2nd 2011

One quick weekend and the site is (barely) styled, developed and live! I hope to add a bit more colour to the site in the following weeks but this should do for now.

I intend to post anything here in part for myself as a way of remembering cool or useful things I come across or up with, and also as a way of answering questions with how to do something web-ish, primarily Drupal related I'd imagine.

With that in mind, my first useful snippet is a link!

Web Designer Depot has written up some excellent tips on creating Print stylesheets, normally if a print stylesheet is needed we'd install the contributed Email/Print Drupal module (, but there are still great lessons to be learnt.